Discover a scientific initiative to promote the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence. Whether you’re in the design or the deployment phase of an intelligent system or just curious about AI & ethics, take a look at our project.
The checklist is in open-access!

The name

The initiative started in Montréal, Canada. This city has a a growing number of research centres and companies working on AI. When we started the project, we wanted to indicate where this project was coming from. Secondly, Canada has often been associated to international treaties on environment, public health. We wanted to associate this positive aspect to our tool.

The researchers

The Canada Protocol has been developed by Carl Mörch, M.Psy., Ph.D. (UdeM, OBVIA, Mila), Abhishek Gupta (Microsoft, Montréal AI Ethics Institute) and Brian L. Mishara, Ph.D. (UQAM).

The funding

The project did not receive any funding.

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